While interning at Winning Mark I was a member of a team that created this website for the SaferStates.org toxics coalition. I coded the rotating images in the upper left hand corner using JavaScript, built the top navigation bar and created the RSS feeds page. I used Feedburner’s JavaScript API to cross post content from the Environmental Health News website to this page on the website. This site was built with XHTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript in TypePad. I also launched the version 1.0 facebook page for the SaferStates website.http://www.saferstates.org thumbnail image of the Safer Stages.org website
At InterCall I created this website for sanofi-aventis. The main challenge was to clone sanofi’s Grassroots and Citizen Involvement website as closely as possible but replace their content with event registration content. The other challenge was to make the website cross-browser compatible not only across the standard browsers that we test on but also compatible with IE6 as requested by the client. (This was done with conditional statements that load specific css files depending on which browser a site visitor uses.) I used GIMP (Gnu PhotoShop equivalent) to create the blue, rectangular capital dome banner. This client website was created using html, css and JavaScript on InterCall’s proprietary Attendee Metrics Platform (AMP) content management system.http://www.eventsvc.com/sanofi thumbnail image of Sanofi event website
While working at InterCall, I re-branded two websites and the associated customer service sites for Swedish Medical Center, one of the largest large nonprofit health care providers in the U.S. My task was to update the look and feel of their old event registration websites. Since users reach the event registration websites from Swedish Medical Center’s main website, all pages that I created had to integrate seamlessly with the main site. This required extensive cross browser compatibility work, code optimization and graphics work.http://www.eventsvc.com/swedishbirth thumbnail image of the Swedish Medical Center website
At InterCall I built this event registration website for TransUnion, the third largest credit bureau in the U.S. I cloned this page on the TransUnion site and replaced TransUnion’s main site content with event specific content. In addition to building the website I created a 35 event series that was displayed on the site and also created a custom online survey for each event. This client website was created using html and css on InterCall’s proprietary Attendee Metrics Platform (AMP) content management system.http://www.eventsvc.com/transunion Trans Union event website thumbnail image
At InterCall, my team created this localized website for Bristol-Meyers Squib. My role was to receive text from the translation team and use the strings to create localized .xml files to be processed by the C# code. To create the .xml files I used Jarte, a unicode text editor that supports foreign languages. I also hand coded localized html emails for the events associated with the website. On the finished site, a drop down menu allows users to select any of nine languages. When this is done page titles, button labels, navigation links, etc. convert to the selected language.http://www.eventsvc.com/bmsocs Bristol Myers event registration website thumbnail image
I created this website for one of my freelance clients during December 2010 – January 2011. I used JavaScript to implement the navigation bar. The Contact Us page is a PHP page which receives data entered by site visitors and emails that data to the site owner. The site also uses many image processing features of GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program, a PhotoShop-like program.) I used & learned about paths, converting paths to create curved selection areas, stroking paths, layer masking, feathering edges, antialiasing and gradients.http://www.your3d4dbusiness.com/ Your 3D4D Business website thumbnail image
I created this website for one of my freelance clients during March – May 2011. I used JQuery to implement the navigation bar, rotating images on the main page and expandable tennis racquets on the Wilson equipment page. The Contact Us page is a PHP page which receives data entered by site visitors and emails that data to the site owner. To speed up page loading I used CSS Sprites, file compression on the server and also combined and minified CSS and JavaScript files. Additionally I used Google’s mapping API to implement an interactive map on the Location page (and implemented Google Analytics to track visitor data). I also worked with the metatags and content to optimize search engine results.http://www.thorsthundertennis.com/ Thor's Thunder Tennis website thumbnail image
I created this facebook site in May of 2011 for a friend of mine who was working towards his master’s degree in social work. The purpose of building the site was to raise funds to provide elementary and middle school children experiencing behavioral and emotional problems with scholarships to attend martial arts classes with their school mentors. The most challenging part of building the site was figuring out the best method to get donations to the program, non-profit/tax exempt status, tax deductible receipts for donors, etc.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Martial-Arts-Mentoring-Scholarships/146810872049716 Martial Arts Mentoring Scholarships thumbnail image
I created this website for a freelance client during the 2012 election cycle. I started with a basic WordPress template and customized it to match the design I created. I looked at a several candidate websites and saw that none of them explained how to request a ballot by mail or how to vote by mail (or listed voting deadlines). I also noticed that only one of the sites that I looked at had (minimal) language translation. I looked at the demographics for Mountain View, CA and implemented site wide language translation (via a language drop down menu) based on the primary languages spoken in that area. I also thought about the fact that people read from left to right, top to bottom – so tried to layout the site with that precedence in mind, i.e. placing a large “Vote” button on the upper left hand side of the page, candidate name and photo just to the right of that, etc. Bill won a seat on the school board and I was happy to have contributed in a small way. I improved the site performance by compressing files on the server so that the site would load into users’ browsers more quickly. I also made the site compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE 7-10.http://www.elect-bill-lambert.com/ Elect Bill Lambert
I created this website in 2013 for a freelance client who runs a newsstand in Portland, OR. This is the first website I built that’s responsive / compatible with mobile devices. Additionally, the logo is in .svg format so scales without distorting regardless of the device being used to view the website. The site is also optimized for search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and social media (facebook and Twitter). The thing I’m the most proud of is that my client can move an Excel spreadsheet with Magazine titles, prices and category listings to a server and my code will check every five minutes to see if there’s a new file and if there is, the file will be automatically uploaded to a database. Then when someone visits the stock list page, other code pulls the magazine list from the database and displays it on the web page in an html table. The table is also sortable, searchable and is optimized for mobile devices. Another thing I’m proud of is the modifications that I made to the code for the WordPress plugins that I installed. I recoded a lot of the image slider at the top of the site and even modified the functionality of some plug ins in the administrator area.http://www.the-city-reader.com/ The City Reader
In my current position I also create (code by hand) html email campaigns and primarily use Campaign Monitor to send them out. Emails are coded and QA’d to be rendered consistently across the most popular email clients and to bypass most spam filters. The list of clients who I’ve created email campaigns for includes Oracle, Microsoft, eBay, Wells Fargo, Bristol Meyers, Johnson and Johnson and many other companies.
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